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Forget hitting the ground running right out of the gate, Megadeth blasts into warp speed post haste.

“The Threat Is Real” has some great beats and the Bass is solid and in your face, but the Guitars, oh man…those guitars. It’s very reminiscent of “Tornado Of Souls” for me, not quite, but not too different either. I could definitely get used to the new blood in the band. “Dystopia” continues the frenetic pace and Dave’s voice is definitely in top notch shape as well as he spouts off about the well known legend of “What You don’t Know”.

A grungy, dirty guitar dirge starts up “Fatal Illusion” followed by a MIND BLOWING bass breakdown from Ellefson. I haven’t heard great bass riffs like this in a long time. They remind me a bit of the old Bass breakdown from the Scatterbrain song “Don’t Call Me Dude”. The song breaks out into thrashing riffs crashing down all around the listener. This is Thrash Heaven right here. Speaking of Heaven, this track is really downright hell as it delves into the horrifying thought of one being buried alive. Commanding drum work and blast beats abound on this track.

“Death From Within” has a great chugging intro before busting into riffage heaven. A warning to all about the classic “Trojan Horse” tactic that leads to “Death From Within”. Have I mentioned all the guitar leads on this album yet? Great Megadeth quality screaming leads throughout so far! Kiko does an amazing job of making the album feel as if former axe slinger Marty Friedman is still in the band. Don’t be fooled though, Kiko stands on his own just fine.

A quiet cadence starts off “Bullet To The Brain”, a song seemingly about love and suicide. Or maybe just how love can kill. Great riffs fill the song so well. Lots of excellent guitar work all throughout. “Post American World” is a shining example of what is going on in the USA right now, with people being unable to agree on anything or see eye to eye. The song reminds me a lot of “Symphony Of Destruction” from ‘Countdown To Extinction’. In fact, pretty much any of these songs so far, could have easily came from that album.
An acoustic guitar driven intro brings in “Poisonous Shadows”, a dark foreboding song that fits it’s musical accompaniment. Forced whisper singing brings a different vibe to the song, breaking away from Mustaine’s usual solidly strong singing style on the rest of the disc. “Conquer Or Die” starts as a playful instrumental acoustic ballad type of song that helps break any possibly monotony that could have happened here (and a brief recess from the headbanging whilst listening to this!) before breaking into SHRED HEAVEN!

“Lying In State” Features a return to some wicked blast beats and riffage, “The Emperor” has a cool chugging start and keeps the vibe going. “Foreign Policy” closes out the disc in classic ‘Deth fashion in keeping the tone going to the very end.

I could have easily just taken a review of Megadeth’s ‘Countdown To Extinction’ and dropped in the new song titles and the outcome would have been the same. A KILLER disc well worth your hard earned cash. This is the Megadeth fans have been clamoring for since that aforementioned title was released. With a little inspiration from ‘Rust In Peace” thrown in for good measure.

For me, there are no “stand out” tracks. This is one of the strongest albums I have head the pleasure of listening to in years. Every song is a must hear.


Target edition that comes with free vinyl offer

I purchased this CD at Target, who had a really cool bonus code to enter to have the vinyl sent for FREE (USA only offer). Yes, completely FREE, no shipping required (I am sharing this in case anyone wants to take up that offer)! Double score as I am going to be listening to this album a LOT in the coming years.

There are actually a few different releases of this disc. Look around and find what’s out there and then BUY IT! You’ll thank me later.


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