‘Poisoned Altars’
(Relapse Records)

‘Poisoned Altars’ is the sophomore release from Doom/Thrash metal masters Lord Dying. On first glance at the grisly 70’s inspired cover artwork by Orion Landau, one can get this sense that they are sticking to their roots for this album.

Recorded with Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust at the helm, the band kicks off the album with a solemn intro ala Black Sabbath on the title track, “Poisoned Alters” before kicking into high gear, the lyrics espousing the twisting of religions alongside great catchy riffs and headbanging goodness. “The Clearing at the End of the Path” chugs along before a breakdown that revisits the feel of “Dreams of Mercy” from their first album, in all its glory. To be fair, the band does this more often than not on the tracks found here and they pull it off well.

The band returns to the Sabbath style grooves on “A Wound Outside of Time” and continues with “An Open Sore” that starts out kind of brisk before slipping into that familiar groove. I can hear the crowds chanting along with the chorus of “I Won’t Rest Until You’re Gone” from “An Open Sore”. I’m finding it very difficult to do this review while headbanging.

“Offering Pain (and An Open Minded Center)”, “Suckling at the Teat of a She-Beast” continue with great guitar leads and tight rhythm delivers thrash style nirvana. Yeah, I’m going to have a sore neck tonight.

“(All Hopes of A New Day)…Extinguished” and “Darkness Remains” close out the album just as strong as it opened. Great dirgy thrash metal from the guys in Lord Dying.

Erik Olson’s vocals are just as angry on this follow up album and it fits in so well with the material. Olson and Chris Evans deliver excellent guitar riffs and leads throughout with Don Capuano on bass and Rob Shaffer on drums keeping the foundation solid and heavy.

‘Poisoned Altars’ finds the band still creating great doom /thrash metal and tasty, crunchy riffage. “An Open Sore” and “Offering Pain” are the stand out tracks here.

If you are a fan of The Sword, Red Fang or Valient Thorr you have got to add this album to your collection.

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