‘Lethal Dose’
(Independent Release)

I don’t often get an unsigned bands CD on my desk that I feel compelled to review. Let’s face it, most of the stuff out there is usually a rehash of Slipknot, Nickleback, Sevendust or In This Moment. In other words, the flooded market of Modern Rock.

Then there are the bands who release stuff that is a throwback to a supposed earlier day, when spandex and hair spray ruled the world. The Swedes seem to do a good job churning these acts out, but not all of them are that great and miss the mark more often than not.

Then I heard these guys…

Cyanide hails from Las Vegas of all places. Don’t let where they are from or their looks fool you. This band is the real deal.

With the opening song, “Bitches To Blame”, one is immediately reminded of Motley Crue – a catchy song and it’s pre-chorus of “Take another hit!” might make some want to “light up” as it were. Great fresh Crue sound, ala Dr. Feelgood era.

“Drinkin’” opens with a cheesy sound effect of a can opening and being poured and is met with the rolling of my eyes and then the song kicks into gear with the “UH!” chants of the band. Singer, Rob Hussey continues to “out Vince Neil” Mr. Neil here.

“Pump It To Me” reminds me a bit of The Bulletboys in their opening salvo of “Pump it to me!” – a good sing along song. “Nikki Sixx in Disguise” is an outright nod to Motley Crue and it’s mastermind.

“Devil Inside Me” opens with some really great guitar work, courtesy of Marc Andrews for a moment before the song goes on. Lots of gang vocals throughout the song. Almost in excess, but they manage to pull it off.

“What Comes Around Goes Around” finds Hussey delving into Stephen Pearcy territory. The song comes off sounding a bit like a track off of Ratt’s ‘Invasion Of Your Privacy’ because of this, all the way down to the gang vocal chorus. I’ll take more of this, please and thank you!

“It’s a Long Road” is the obligatory power ballad that one would expect from a band of the eighties era. Still really well done. Really good soaring guitar work on this track too.

“Flying Free,” “Groovin’,” “Lookin’ For A Good Time” and “Whole ‘Lotta Trouble” help fill out this album and keeps the overall vibe and feel of the album on track.

Great solid musicianship. Tight rhythm section, and excellent guitar work really help this album shine for fans of 80’s hard rock. ‘Lethal Dose’ clearly captures the sound of Motley Crue’s “Dr Feelgood” era with a little bit of Ratt and The Bulletboys thrown in for good measure. One can’t help but think though, maybe Motley Crue should take the singer of this band out for a run sometime…

If you are looking for some fresh music to listen to and miss the halcyon days of spandex and hair, this album is for you.

Yeah, it’s going to stay in my playlist for a while.

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