(AFM Records)

Power metal group, Bloodbound return with a new album of pure epic POWER! A cross between Iron Maiden, Helloween, Hammerall and a splash of Judas Priest and a touch of Ghost(!) make this a very good outing!

From the opening “Satanic Panic” one can hear all of the above listed “influences” if you will. Fast riffs, gentle break aways and soaring vocals deliver it all! Patrik Johanssen really reminds me of a young Kai Hansen (ex-Helloween). The next few songs carry on the album in the same fast paced action ala Hammerfall. Did I mention how kick ass the vocals are? The background choruses are pretty damn good as well.

Title track “Stormborn” begins in a nice ominous intro with a tense vibe and a chorus intro similar to Sweden’s own Ghost before venturing into Iron Maiden territory. Sweeping vocals and choruses throughout the song only strengthen the music tightly and well played by the six piece group. “We Raise the Dead” has a nice Loudness sounding intro on guitars and vocals. I am having a hard time finding fault in this disc at this point.
“Made of Steel” might just be my theme song for the rest of the year. With it’s “I’m made of metal” chorus, it’s REALLY difficult for me not to shout it out along with the band! The next few tracks continue to carry the torch with solid nods to Iron Maiden, Hammerfall. The closing track “When All Lights Fail” close it out with a fierce, fast vengeance. I just love the chorus of “When your lights fail, I will be dancing on your grave”. I have a few people I may dedicate this one to!

Stand out tracks for me are “Satanic Panic”, “Iron Throne”, “Stormborn”, “We Raise the Dead” and “When All Lights Fail”.

Damn near perfection to these ears. Expertly produced and mixed with bombastic metal hymns, fast, melodic and heavy with soaring vocals, this is going to be stuck on my iPod for a LONG time.

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