‘Rock Or Bust’
(Columbia Records)

So now I start a review for AC/DC’s latest album “Rock Or Bust”. Let me get this out of the way first. IT’S AC/DC. I mean, unless you have been living under a ROCK (see what I did there?), you should damn well know what they sound like as a band!

Only this time, it’s a tad different. Yeah, you read that right.

Everyone knows by now that this is the first album without Malcolm and many people (including yours truly) feared that it may have spelled the end of the band as we know it. On the contrary, I think this is the best release they’ve had in over 20 years.

They sound fresh. No, refreshed. There is definitely some rejuvenation in their music on this new disc. Comparatively speaking, the last couple of releases sounded stale and tired. They seemed to have avoided that this time around. I think the addition of Stevie Young has given this band the injection they have needed.

By this time, most everyone has heard “Rock or Bust” and “Play Ball” with their usual gusto that only AC/DC can deliver, but the third track, “Rock the Blues Away,” is my favorite. Catchy vocals, melodic and hook laden, this is the track that is played on repeat in the car and just makes you feel good. That is what AC/DC is here for. To make you feel good – like good sex for your ears.

The opening of “Miss Adventure” reminds me a bit of really old school AC/DC with the opening vocals of “Nah, nah, nah, nahhh”. You know what I am talking about, don’t deny it. Really good blues driven hard rock.

“Hard Times” is catchy as all hell and you will find yourself singing along to the chorus of “Hard times, these hard times, sure ain’t been good to me”. Another excellent track.

“Dogs of War”, “Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder”, “Baptism By Fire”, “Rock The House” (with it’s Led Zeppelin-esque guitar sound), “Sweet Candy” (another catchy sing along tune that strip clubs are going to love) and “Emission Control” all help fill the album with quality non filler tracks.

This LP has been released on Vinyl (with the CD version included) in addition to CD and digital formats. Problem is, if I had it on Vinyl, I’d have worn it out already. It’s THAT good.

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